The Veterans Memorial at Lake Willastein was
officially dedicated to all Veterans of the United States
Armed Forces on  April 8, 2006.

Lake Willastien is open to the public daily from Sunrise to Sunset

Picnic tables and BBQ Pits are available - No Reservations are

There are no pavilions at Lake Willastein
(If you are looking for Maumelle Park in Little Rock,
Please call 868-9477)

The Amphitheater is strictly for events sponsored or approved by
Maumelle Parks & Recreation
It is not available for rental

The gazebo next to the Peyton Memorial is available for rental.
Call Maumelle Parks & Recreation at 851-6990

Anyone 16 years or older must have a fishing license.

Fishings Boats, Canoes, & Kayaks are allowed.

Fishing Boats must have a motor no larger than 9.9 or use a
trolling motor.  

For More Information:

Lake Willastein Biking and Walking Trails  
Lake Willastein
From its wonderful fishing to the scenic
bicycle and walking paths, Lake
Willastein is the perfect place for the
family to play, exercise, and relax! There
are picnic tables, BBQ pits, playgrounds,
fishing docks, wooden bridges, and plenty
of beautiful open space perfect for setting
up the volleyball net, tossing a Frisbee or
just to lay back and enjoy!
A wonderful treasure in our city!
The bunkers at Lake Willastein were built in 1942 and
used during World War II
to manufacture and store munitions for the military.
Maumelle Ordnance Works Bunker No. 4, built in 1942, is
listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
"In my opinion, Lake Willastein is one of the best places to
be outdoors in Maumelle. They have multiple trails; a
beautiful lake with plenty of ducks and geese roaming
freely; a nice sized playground and pavilion; and even a
peaceful military memorial. My family and I also fly kites
here, as there is plenty of space to do so"
Amber P.
The great Mya Angelou said it best, "you can't use up
creativity. The more you use, the more you have." The
playgrounds at Lake Willastein offer a great and safe
place to allow kids to stretch those imaginations!
A seagull diving for a bite to eat on Lake Willastein, in
January 2013 (Photo Courtesy of Vince Ruscitti)
Snowy Morning in December 2012 as the Olmstead Family
arrives before most other residents to partake in this quiet
place before the snowball fights and sledding commence.
(Photo Courtesy of Keith Olmstead)
It's said that "kids don't remember their best of day
of television," well the Raley Twins are definitely  
making the most out of their memorable day at
Lake Willastein. (Photo Courtesy of Sarah Taylor
Family of ducks enjoying a
peaceful swim in Lake
(Photo Courtesy of MistyKay Zajac)